Welcome to the world of Actor Prolog!

New! Please visit a new Web Site on our Intelligent Visual Surveillance Logic Programming project.

New! Our paper has won the best paper award on the BIODEVICES'2014 conference (Angers, France, 3-6 March, 2014). Here is the text of the paper.

New! Russian-speaking users can read my report on recent trends in the Actor Prolog project (the poster and the article are available).

New! The Actor Prolog translator to Java is available now. You are welcome to participate in beta testing of the Actor Prolog compiler. Please inform us if you are interested to get the compiler (morozov@cplire.ru).

First of all please read Getting Started in Actor Prolog. This document explains the main ideas of Actor Prolog and gives general information on the application of the results of the project. The document is available in English and Russian now.

Then, read English research papers that are available in PDF and HTML format.

Then, you could study a complete definition of the Actor Prolog language, if you understand Russian. Here you could also find a list of recommended Russian and English papers concerning the project. The Site supports the following Russian codings: Alt (OS/2, MS DOS), KOI8 (UNIX), and 1251 (Windows).

Then, if you are tired of reading papers, you could see a nice 3D pictures created with the help of Actor Prolog. Please visit our logic programming 3D cyberspace. These Web pages are created on the base of VRML. Please learn how to get VRML plug-in for your Web browser in the introduction.

Visit my photo-report on the International Conference on Logic Programming (Mumbai, India, 2003).

This is my photo-report on Artificial Intelligence international conference (Divnomorskoe, Russia, 2003).

And this is my photo-report on the "Artificial Intelligence 2002" Third Int. Conf..

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