Two-Way Frequency Fluctuations Observed During Coronal Radio Sounding Experiments

Efimov A.I., Lukanina L.A., Samoznaev L.N., Rudash V.K., Chashei I.V., Bird M.K., Pätzold M. Two-Way Frequency Fluctuations Observed During Coronal Radio Sounding Experiments. Solar Phys , 2014 , 288 (1). С. 1715-1729. ISSN 0038-0938

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Coronal radio-sounding experiments were carried out using two-way coherent dual-frequency carrier signals of the ESA spacecraft Rosetta (ROS) in 2006. Frequency measurements recorded at both NASA and ESA tracking stations (sample rate: 1 Hz) are analyzed in this work. Spectral analysis of the S-band, X-band, and differential frequency records has shown that the mean frequency fluctuation of each signal can be described by a radial power-law function of the form σi = Ai(R/Rs)^(−mi), where i = X, S, SX. The ratio of the coefficients As and Ax is not the expected theoretical value As/Ax = fs/fx. This occurs because the X-band fluctuations underlie a two-way propagation mode while the S-band fluctuations are essentially the product of a one-way propagation experiment. Results are compared with similar, but not identical, two-way radio propagation experiments performed during the 1991 solar conjunction of the Ulysses spacecraft.

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