Extremely high frequency electromagnetic radiation promotes neutrophil antimicrobial activity

Vlasova I.I, Mikhalchik E.V., Gusev A.A., Balabushevich N.G., Gusev S.A., Kazarinov K.D. Extremely high frequency electromagnetic radiation promotes neutrophil antimicrobial activity. Bioelectromagnetics , 2018 , 39 (2). С. 144-155. ISSN 0197-8462

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The growing use of extremely high-frequency electromagnetic radiation (EHF EMR) in information and communication technology and in biomedical applications has raised concerns regarding the potential biological impact of millimeter waves (MMWs). Here, we elucidated the effects of MMW radiation on neutrophil activation induced by opsonized zymosan or E. coli in whole blood ex vivo. After agonist addition to blood, two samples were prepared. A control sample was incubated at ambient conditions without any treatment, and a test sample was exposed to EHF EMR (32.9–39.6 GHz, 100W/m2). We used methods that allowed us to assess the functional status of neutrophils immediately after exposure: oxidant production levels were measured by luminoldependent chemiluminescence, and morphofunctional changes to neutrophils were observed in blood smears. Results revealed that the response of neutrophils to both agonists was intensified if blood was exposed to MMW radiation for 15 min. Neutrophils were intact in both the control and irradiated samples if no agonist was added to blood before incubation. Similarly, exposing suspensions of isolated neutrophils in plasma to MMW radiation enhanced cell response to both zymosan and E. coli. Heating blood samples was shown to be the primary mechanism underlying enhanced EHF EMR-induced oxidant production by neutrophils in response to particulate agonists.

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