The Venus Ionosphere as seen by the Radio Science Experiment on Venera-15 and Venera-16

Gavrik A., Bondarenko M., Gavrik Yu., Kopnina T. The Venus Ionosphere as seen by the Radio Science Experiment on Venera-15 and Venera-16. In: The 40th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, 2–10 August 2014, Lomonosov Moscow State University , Committee on Space Research

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This report presents reprocessed results of the radio occultation experiments in the Venus ionosphere carried out by Venera-15, -16 spacecraft in 1983-1984. High stability and coherence of two monochromatic signals (at 1 and 4 GHz) allowed for better precision in determining the influence of atmosphere and ionosphere on radio wave propagation. As a result the existence of the adiabatic invariant in radio occultation was observed experimentally and explained theoretically. The fact that the adiabatic invariant was maintained as the ray moved from plasma to neutral medium let us identify interdependent oscillations of both neutral and ionized medium in the stratified system of atmosphere/ionosphere. In the data provided by the Venera-15, -16 occultation experiments, periodic perturbations of medium density were discovered near the lower boundary of the day ionosphere on Venus, whose level exceeds random variations. Periodic oscillations in electron concentration on the vertical scale of 5-10 km at altitudes between 90 and 115 km were detected. Iterative solution of the forward occultation problem helped to determine electron concentration profiles in the lower ionosphere, describing its layered structure. This report shows that Venus Express occultation data provided by ESA confirms the existence of the adiabatic invariant, which offers means to extract information about the layered structure of the Venusian ionosphere. The work is partially supported by the RAS Presidium Program 22.

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