Electromagnetic Tomography in IRE RAS

Electric Field Tomography (EFT) illustrations

Measuring system: (1) is alternating voltage source, connected to transmitting electrode, (2) is phase sensitive voltmeter, connected to receiving electrode, (3) is grounded shield, (4) is object under imaging, (5) is unperturbed electric field lines connecting transmitting and receiving electrodes.

Spatial distribution of the phase shift of electric potential relative to potential of rectangular transmitting electrode (1) in the presence of spherical conductive object (2); dark colors correspond to large negative phase shift ("phase shadow").

Geometry of composite object used in numerical simulation of the tomograph; (1) is free space, (2) is large elliptical cylinder corresponding to muscle tissue, (3) is small circular cylinder corresponding to fat tissue.

Result of reconstruction of the composite object shown on left figure from the data obtained by numerical simulation of EFT measurements for 16-electrode system at 10 MHz; darker colors correspond to higher resistivity.


Electromagnetic Tomography in IRE RAS
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