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Interstellar Radio Messages


"I would like to notice the importance of designing and, especially, accomplishing practical projects directed to sending signals. This is the only way to understand subtle problems of contacts. Here, as it always happens, egoists end up with failure."


Academician Andrey Sakharov, Nobel laureate.

Questionnaire "CETI", 1971.

Report on Cosmic Call 1999
Radio Signals to Extraterrestrials
One-Dimensional Radio Message to Blind Aliens
Design and Implementation of the 1st Theremin Concert to Aliens
Project METI@home: Messages to ETI from Home
A Teen-Age Message to the Stars

"Astronomer Speak Up For ET" 
Limitations on Volume of Interstellar Radio Messages

Synthesis and Transmission of Cosmic Call 2003 Interstellar Radio Message

Making a Case for METI


The Drake Equation: Adding a METI Factor
Transforming SETI to METI
Past Present Future
Messaging to Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence
Searching for Extraterrestrial Idiots?
The SETI Paradox
Test SETI during Transmissions of Interstellar Radio Messages
Sending and Searching of Interstellar Messages

Detection Probability of Terrestrial Radio Signals by a Hostile Super-civilization
The First Musical Interstellar Radio Message
Bebo's latest expansion - into space
A Message From Earth
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SETI SuperStar Award

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