"Development of novel superconducting oxide electronic devices for advanced telecommunication systems and information processing"

Supported by: Department of Scientific, Technical, and Innovative Policy of The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
Duration: Feb.-Oct. 2007
Supervisor: Gennady Ovsyannikov, Dr. of Sci. in Physics, IREE RAS, Moscow, Russia


Development of multielement HTS Josephson structures for high-sensitivity analog amplifiers of GHz band frequencies;

Development and experimental studies of integrated superconducting circuits for SQIF-amplifiers


Expected Results

1. Novel laboratory technology of formation of thin-film Josephson structures made from high-temperature superconductors on substrates to be used at microwave high-frequencies and temperatures T=77 K.

2. Fabrication of first samples of HTS Josephson structures and multielement SQIF devices.

3. Elaboration of approaches for experimental studying of noise characteristics at probe signals in frequency band f = 36 - 120 GHz using low noise cooled HEMT preamplifier at 1-2 GHz.

New results will be applied for development of novel superconducting devices for precision low noise signal processing at microwave and mm wave frequencies.