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Current Research Activities

The main objective of laboratory #235 is development of imaging array detectors for different applications (including radio-astronomy, safety and security systems). We develop ultra-sensitive detectors (bolometers) and detector arrays, planar antennas and tuning circuits, refractive and reflective quasi-optical systems focusing millimeter and sub-millimeter wave irradiation on the detectors. We also develop millimeter wave measurements technique and methods for our devices (including spectral measurements and noise equivalent power measurements).

Development of technology for fabrication of TES bolometers and arrays of bolometers with integrated tuning circuits and antennas is one of principal tasks of our laboratory. Nanostructures of bolometer's absorber are fabricated using electron-beam lithography and sputtering thin-film deposition.

We investigate electrical and high-frequency processes in superconducting structures from different materials and detectors based on such structures to achieve the best sensitivity of our devices at room and ultra low temperatures (<1 K).

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