Radiotekhnika i elektronika, 1998, vol. 43, No. 8, pp. 973-981 (in Russian)

Transmission of Chaotic Sample Sequences Through RF Channel

A.S. Dmitriev and L.V. Kuzmin
Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics of RAS
Moscow 103907, Russia

Radiotekhnika i elektronika,1998, vol. 43, No. 8, pp. 973-981 (in Russian).
Received January 29, 1998

A problem of transmission of a sequence of chaotic samples through RF channel is considered. The following set of operations is proposed for this purpose: transformation of the chaotic sample sequence into a sequence of AM pulses, modulation of high-frequency carrier by this signal, filtering out the high-frequency signal, demodulating it into a sequence of pulses, and retrieving estimates of the sequence of the chaotic samples. The system of transmission through RF channel is computer simulated on example of using phase modulation for modulating the high-frequency carrier. Conditions are obtained under which the necessary communication quality is provided.